You Can Print Your Laugh in 3D and Send it Across the Space

Strides are being made in almost every sphere of the industry. The world of 3D printing is one industry where developments are happening at a prolific rate. Besides the tremendous pace at which innovations are coming around, there’s no boundary to the nature of the new breakthroughs that have been made. These have made it quite difficult to predict the kind of advancements that are in the offing.

The online, as well as the real world, is abuzz with the development of apps by an Israeli artist that can transform your guffaw, laugh, grin or chuckle into 3D art and transmit the same across the limitless space!

The Concept & How it Works

Chances are that you may not have heard of Eyal Gever, but he happens to be a celebrated artist who was roped in by NASA to create the first-ever gravity-defying sculpture that could be launched into space. Eyal really had to wrack his brains to come up with a universal form or expression that was symbolic of the entire humanity. It won’t be out of place to mention that Gever was selected because of his uncanny ability to judiciously blend art and tech to create jaw-dropping sculpts using 3D printing service. Those creations would look extra surreal when they’re regenerated via 3D printing.

Geyer & His Contribution To This Innovative Idea

Geyer who went on record by articulating “what I create is emotions that come from code” figured out that laughter was ‘the most beautiful expression of humanity’. As far as the NASA project was concerned, Gever developed an app for the iOS platform where anybody could send in their chortles, chuckles or guffaws. The app creates a 3D representation of a chuckle or chortle in real-time that look almost like the rings of Saturn typified by bright waveforms.

NASA will be uploading many such 3D illustrations of laughter on the iOS platform and thereafter conduct a survey for the most admired representation. A 3D printout of the guffaw or chuckle winning the most votes will be taken out in ISS (International Space Station) in 2017 following which the same will venture for a walk in space. Gever has confessed to having passed out twice as he could not stop laughing out loud while he was in the process of creating or rather sculpting an archive of mirth.

When it comes to tracking down the most versatile iPhone app, the search process becomes elusive as one app is as good as the other. However, Gever’s # Laugh-create-art in space app has a high probability of winning the ‘best apps’ tag. Using the app, you can design a digital 3D star via your own voice. What you simply do is make a footage of yourself having a good time by singing, giggling or laughing without any inhibitions. The app then immediately converts the sound waves into a colorful interpretation to which you could add a name for identifying it.


What made NASA think of investing for such a project? Perhaps Gever has tendered the best explanation:-“Laugh will be a mathematically accurate encapsulation of human laughter, simply floating through space, waiting to be discovered’.

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