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Ideas You Can Touch

With 3D printers, you can decide between 2D or 3D representations of your products. You can show rather than explain part relationships, scalability, and design virtues. You can avoid errors that only become apparent in the production phase. You can preserve aesthetic integrity. You can assess every facet of a product. You can design with confidence. You can give your ideations a new life.

Leading-edge 3D Printers

3D data processing has become the standard in virtually every industry. Companies are using 3D printing for prototyping to verify their design’s form, fit and function. And to reduce costly modifications prior to production tooling. From full-colors to wax patterns for foundry casting or jewelry, to printing medical hearing aids and more, 3D printers exist to help you make it real.

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3D Systems 3D Printers

3d Systems 3D Printers

Mobius 3D Printer

Mobius 3D Printer

Moment & Moment 2 3D Printer

Moment 3D Printer

Minny 3D Printer

Minny 3D Printer
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