Recreating The Original Face of a Mummy with 3D printing

The use of 3D printing technology has vastly expanded to different branches of science like anthropology, anatomy, and others that mainly focus on thoroughly studying the skeletons of human beings and animals. It has helped researchers recreate the natural face of an Egyptian mummy from just its skull. It not only helps in deriving information like the gender of the ancient deceased Egyptian but also enables scientists to ascertain the actual age at the time of death, lifestyles, and other aspects like diseases or physical defects.

Exploring Life Before Death with 3D printing Technologies

The latest groundbreaking 3D printing techniques help researchers explore different phases of the life of an individual before they were being transformed into a mummy after death. It is essential to mention that the mummified head which came into the possession of the researchers belongs to the museum of the Melbourne University of Australia. One day, the curator of that museum started to get concerned about the condition of this rare specimen and decided to send it for examination by the department of Neuroscience and Anatomy of this University.

From CT Scans To Creating A Replica

On thoroughly examining the skull, the researchers found that it contains bandages which have been quite sturdy and intact for a long period of time. After conducting a detailed analysis regarding other aspects, researchers employed a specialized imaging professional to create a replica 3D printed face out of it by combining the technology of CT scan. Once the construction of the 3D printed facial image of the mummy is completed, the researchers then proceeded with a deeper study of the facial bone that includes determining the size and angle of the jaw, analyzing the features of eye sockets and concluded that the skull was that of a female Egyptian. Researchers call this specimen Meritamun and are of the opinion that the age of this mummy was less than 25 years at the time of the death. All these findings were obtained without destroying this skull.

Discovering Diseases, Dental Issues And Cause of Death

Researchers are now planning to apply the technology of radiocarbon to accurately assess the age of this skull. At the same time, with the help of the technologies of 3D printing and CT scan, scientists are also trying to unravel the presence of any disease and dental abnormalities in the mummy. During the ongoing examination, scientists skeptical that the female was suffering from anemia, due to the porous and thin nature of the skull. But the task of examination is not yet completed until the ultimate cause of the death of this young female Egyptian is discovered.

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