3D Printing Tech News: WhiteClouds Celebrates Its Achievements of 2016

WhiteClouds has earned the tag of a reliable provider of cloud 3D printing solutions across the world. The company is gearing up to celebrate its remarkable achievements in the year of 2016. This article will highlight the contribution of this company towards different sectors using the latest technology of 3D Printing. It will discuss in details some of these achievements that have helped this company to gain maximum exposure.

WhiteClouds has been able to reach several key milestones in the year of 2016. The company has published a list of such remarkable achievements mentioned below:

3D Printing Newsmakers

  • Hale Center Theater: The company has played a major role in the construction of this theater hall that covers an estimated surface area of 130,000 sq ft. in Utah. It has actively collaborated with Tait for the creation of this unique and marvelous piece of architecture. It has actively helped another popular real-estate called Clayton Builders to be involved in the creation of this mammoth theater complex utilizing the cutting-edge 3D printing solution.
  • 3D Modeled Swimming Pool: This firm has also played a crucial role in the formation of the first-ever swimming pool constructed by the use of a 3D printing service The company took care of each and every aspect of designing, construction, and actual finishing. At first, it started by creating a tiny replicated image of this pool to seek the approval from the clients. For creating this realistic replica, it utilized unique applications with Enroute, Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Mudbox, Autodesk Maya, and others. It took only 5 hours 59 minutes to complete this project.
  • Creation of a murder house in 3D format to solve cases: The company has also been in the spotlight for its unique 3D printed software that has played a vital role in solving the mystery behind a murder case. The company has efficiently crafted a replica of Stiffler Home using the latest 3D CAD software that has ultimately overturned the case in favor of James Stiffler.
  • Creation of 3D printed brace: WhiteClouds has produced a compact brace to protect the arm during the post-surgery period using the latest 3D software. The layer-wise thickness of such brace is around 16 microns and it comprises of over 5100 layers.

Impressive 3D printed product collections

  • 3DyourPlan: This plan emphasizes on the complete transformation of 2D architectural designs into the next level for successful implementation of the plans and requirements for the real-estate clients. This technical up-gradation is also aimed at reducing the overall cost to obtain a perfect 3D building with multiple options of a design.
  • 3DyourScan: This new software helps to obtain MRI/CT scan report of the patients in a realistic, color-printed design that can easily improve the collaboration between patients and physicians. Such software model is mainly based on the technology of Hinge & Slice that helps to obtain detailed patient-centric models.
  • 3DyourMap: With the help of this application one can directly obtain the actual printed image of the land topography that has been captured using the drone camera. This application has greatly reduced the cost and time of printing topography images separately.


All these achievements of WhiteClouds serve as a strong testimony to the dedication and hard works of this company. Their products and solutions by the use of 3D printing technology points towards the endless possibilities that the technology has in store. It also highlights that the company constantly focuses on innovation to produce unique products of the highest quality.

source: http://additivemanufacturing.com/2017/01/05/3d-printing-pioneer-whiteclouds-celebrates-2016-achievements/

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