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The Smallest Professional Printer

Having a size comparable to that of a shoe box, the 3D printer is compact, fast, and of high quality. It has an easy interface through a color LCD and can be connected via USB, Ethernet and Wi-Fi.

This makes it a very helpful and instrumental tool to a wide range of persons, from business professionals to students.

Main Applications are for jewelry, dental (crowns), audiology and small parts.

270 x 140 x 175


44 x 28 x 70

10, 30, 50 and 100µm

405nm ~ 385nm

USB, Wi-Fi and Ethernet

Color LCD

Unyk Express – the most powerful 3D printing software serves as a complete tool for preparing any 3D object that may be needed. It is both sophisticated and easy to use.

  • offers unprecedented functionality that addresses everything users may need such as support structure creation, object repair, one-click print, and more than 70 other functionalities, allowing the user to print parts that are both reliable and of high quality.
  • For ease of use, several formats are available as output, including but not limited to STL, SLC, PLY, OBJ, PNG, and BMP.

Over 10 different materials, including medical certified

Printed Products

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