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Moment 2 3D Printer

The Moment 2 is the 3D Printer for Professionals

Industrial Print Capacity

  • A sound solution for prototyping large objects in higher scale
  • Fine-tuned for manufacturing, construction, laboratory and medical needs
  • Reliable quality for bigger and better prints
  • Faster printing solution available with optional 0.6 mm nozzle

Professional Quality

  • Closed-chamber environment and advanced temperature control allows for reliable and repeatable large ABS prints
  • Wide-range of extrusion resolution settings for various printing needs (50 ~ 500 microns)
  • Moment filament guide system allows for wider variety of printable materials (ABS, PLA, Flexible, Wood, etc)
  • Bundled with trusted, refined and easy-to-use Simplify3D slicer software

Hassle-Free User Experience

  • Real-time printing progress observation and cancel/pause/resume functions available
  • Connectability using wifi and usb memory, freeing up the pc for other tasks
  • Print pad detachable for easier removal of printed objects and maintenance
  • Full-color touch screen control panel for higher user experience


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