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ProJet MJP 3600

The High Fidelity and High Performance 3D Printing

The ProJet MJP 3600 is a high resolution plastic 3D printing that provides enhanced productivity for functional design evaluation and rapid tooling needs.

High-quality parts

When getting the finest details right matters, no other jetting printer beats the MJP 3600 series. True-to-CAD fidelity parts with the finest details, sharpest edges and exceptional smooth surface finishes ensure product quality, performance and manufacturability.

High throughput

With high capacity build volume, print speeds up to 2X faster than similar class printers and automated batch post-processing, you can produce more parts faster, increasing flexibility, and accelerating design iteration and validation for enhanced product quality.

High-performance plastics

VisiJet M3 materials delivers toughness, durability, stability, high temperature resistance, water tightness, biocompatibility and castability to meet a wide range of functional design testing and rapid tooling applications.


Office compatible, convenient and offering a largely unattended process from file to finished part, the ProJet MJP 3600 Series is perfectly suited for every designer use. With minimal handling and safe batch post-processing unlike similar class solution, you get intricate finished parts in your hands up to 4X faster.


For validation prototyping, you can apply for:

  • Design verification and testing
  • Assemblies, including snap-fit
  • Water-tightness applications, fluid flow visualization
  • Testing and use at high temperature
  • USP Class-VI compatible medical applications

For rapid tooling, such as:

  • Injection molding tool production for short runs
  • Jigs and fixtures
  • Master patterns for RTV molding
  • Dies for forming applications
  • Extremely fine-detailed casting patterns

ProJet MJP 3600 Plus

The High Productivity of Precision Wax-ups, Models and Guides

The ProJet MJP 3600 Dental printer is engineered specifically for dental lab use and applications versatility. It can consistently prints accurate castable and pressable wax-ups for the production of prosthetic devices.  It manufactures precision working models in a stone-like material and produces drill guides or orthodontic thermoforming models in durable plastic material. It works with any open STL-compatible intraoral, plaster or impression scanner.

High throughput digital dentistry

The ProJet MJP 3600 Dental is designed for 24/7 use, allowing laboratories to boast same-day cycle times, reduced lead times and diminished costs for the broadest range of applications with a single printer. The height of productivity, this printer can produce hundreds of units per cycle and up to 24 quad cases in a single build, delivering a 50% increase in throughput with no additional labor.

Exceptional quality dental parts

The ProJet MJP 3600 Dental’s precision, detail resolution and design freedom reduces the need for remakes. Printing unique feathered edges and crisp grooves that are commonly found on tooth anatomy, with verified accuracy and consistency for dental applications, ensures you can get the perfect fit every time.

Economical production

With uniformly thin walls, users enjoy up to 20% savings on alloy consumption and 50% savings on framework finishing time with extremely smooth surface finish. Labor costs are further optimized with MultiJet Printing;s ease-of-use and automated process—from file to finished part. The largely unattended batch post-processing of MJP parts is as easy as melting wax away from even the tightest spaces, preserving the finest details and surface quality.

Dental specialty materials

With a choice of materials that fit into existing production workflows, including a USP Class VI-capable material for biocompatible applications, you can make accepted production methods faster, easier and more effective.


For dental such as:

  • Wax-ups for the production of prosthetic devices
  • Working models
  • Orthodontic thermoforming models
  • Drill guides
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MJP 3600

HD Mode – 11.75 x 7.2 x 8 in (298 x 183 x 203 mm)

UHD Mode – 8 x 7 x 8 in (203 x 178 x 203 mm)

XHD Mode – 8 x 7 x 8 in (203 x 178 x 203 mm)

HD Mode – 375 x 450 x 790 DPI, 32 μ layers

UHD Mode – 750 x 750 x 890 DPI, 29 μ layers

XHD Mode – 750 x 750 x 1600 DPI, 16 μ layers

VisiJet M3-X – Rigid White
VisiJet M3 Crystal – Rigid Clear
VisiJet M3 Black – Rigid Black
VisiJet M3 Proplast – Rigid Natural
VisiJet M3 Navy – Rigid Blue
VisiJet M3 Techplast – Rigid Gray
VisiJet M3 Procast – Castable

VisiJet S300

MJP 3600 Plus

HD Mode – 11.2 x 7.3 x 8 in (294 x 185 x 203 mm)

UHD Mode – 750 x 750 x 890 DPI, 29 μ layers

HDX Mode – 375 x 450 x 790 DPI, 32 μ layers

HDP Mode – 375 x 450 x 790 DPI, 32 μ layers

UHD Mode

  • VisiJet M3-X – Dentcast

HDX Mode

  • VisiJet M3 Dentcast
  • VisiJet M3 Stoneplast
  • VisiJet M3 PearlStone

HDP Mode

  • VisiJet M3 Dentcast
  • VisiJet M3 Stoneplast
  • VisiJet M3 PearlStone

VisiJet S300

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